List of requesters you won’t be able to get email alerts for

The cost of running Turk Alert is consistently increasing, so the time has come to cull some requesters from our alert system.

These Requesters have their own off-mTurk alert system which will alert you before Turk Alert would:
Crowdsource - A2SUM2D7EOAK1T
we-pay-you-fast - A27WLQ6FZA9JFG

These Requesters always have HITs up, therefore alerts are pointless:
411Richmond - A38RXMI7DFPL8G
Castingwords - A3MI6MIUNWCR7F
CopyText Inc. - A1CKEISKSOZ5HD
Jon Brelig - A3RRY7BIF8JDCS
MyLikes - A239M0XNXTKQZ7
RI Services - A2MC5WQ6SWSGF9
SkillPages - A3M0FXH8S3MV1V
SpeechInk - A1AQ7EJ5P7ME65

Therefore you will be able to add these requesters to your watchlist, but you cannot turn on emails for them. Thanks for your understanding!

Switched to a new email provider

We’re having some issues with emails that end up being sent in a weird text version MIME format, which is being rejected by AOL, Yahoo, Charter and OptOnline as junk. I think we’ve fixed the problem, but if you receive any emails with a subject that has weird characters in it, please forward it to Thanks!

Problems with our email provider

Today we were told that our monthly bill of $50 for using our email provider would jump to $230. We clearly can’t afford this change, so we’re moving to a new email provider who will offer us the same capabilities for $50. This has led to a few changes:

1. Anyone who hasn’t logged in for more than 12 months has had their account deactivated. Reactivation is easy - just log back in and follow the instructions.

2. We will no longer be supporting alerts for Requesters who always have HITs up. This includes SpeechInk, Crowdsource (who have their own alert system set up on their Workboard), Jon Brelig, etc. This will ensure that we keep our emails sent per month to a minimum.

The site may be up and down over the next few weeks as we make the changes necessary to move, so please bear with us as we fix things up!

More Database Cleaning

We’ve run a second clean up to remove group IDs, malformed requester IDs and partial requester names. If you are missing a requester from your watchlist, it wasn’t working anyway! Please add their full requester name or ID and you will start getting alerts for them.

Lost a Requester from Your Watchlist?

We’ve run a cleanup so that broken requester names in your lists have been removed. They weren’t working and were also causing you to miss alerts, so this was a necessity. You can now just enter the name of the requester and TA will look up and enter the RID for you, so just readd them and your alerts will come through once again.

Turk Alert now uses

Turk Alert now uses links, meaning you will see a quick ad before you are taken to the HITs you’re looking for. If you don’t want links, you can upgrade for as little as $4.17 per month to remove them - learn more here.

Requester name : Nicholas Alistair Masterton. Can i know requester id, Thanks

Your best bet is to check Turk Opticon -

New Feature: Add requesters to your blocklist by ID or Name

Thanks to Kurt for the suggestion, and FRB for the implementation!

Time on TA is Off


Huge Volume of Emails - Fixing Now

If you are receiving a huge volume of emails, don’t despair! We’re working on the problem right now. In the meantime, just turn off email notifications and we’ll update the blog when it is fixed so you can turn them back on. Sorry for the inconvenience!