Turk Alert now uses adf.ly

Turk Alert now uses adf.ly links, meaning you will see a quick ad before you are taken to the HITs you’re looking for. If you don’t want adf.ly links, you can upgrade for as little as $4.17 per month to remove them - learn more here.

Requester name : Nicholas Alistair Masterton. Can i know requester id, Thanks

Your best bet is to check Turk Opticon - http://turkopticon.differenceengines.com/

New Feature: Add requesters to your blocklist by ID or Name


Thanks to Kurt for the suggestion, and FRB for the implementation!

Time on TA is Off


Huge Volume of Emails - Fixing Now

If you are receiving a huge volume of emails, don’t despair! We’re working on the problem right now. In the meantime, just turn off email notifications and we’ll update the blog when it is fixed so you can turn them back on. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Reduction in Maximum Number of Emails Per Day

We are blowing through the 500,000 emails per month we get with our email sending account, and the overage is costing an arm and a leg. Last month we went over by 120,000 emails! Due to this extreme volume we’re going to have to reduce the daily maximum to 15 emails a day, down from 20. This change has been put in place now. If you would like to increase the number of emails you can get per day to 200, we have an upgrade package for only $5 per month.

Hello Paul. . .I could not find the requester ID of Domain Consolidators because I have not worked for them for the past 45 days and Mturk does not allow me to access my past hits and workers. Could you offer me a solution?


Can a Requester hide their name on each HIT? I'd like to remain anonymous as a Requester.

Yes, you can change your name on the requester account itself to something other than your real name. For what it’s worth, Turkers may see that as shady activity and not do your HITs as a result.

how to find out Requester id

Your best bet is to visit TurkOpticon and find the requester ID there. Otherwise, go to mTurk, search for the HITs you want to do, then click on the requester’s name. This will bring you to a page and, at the end of the URL, you will see “RequesterID=” the numbers and letters after that are the requester ID.

I find that whenever I receive alerts from NetMsi i.e about 4-5 times a day, there are no HIT's available. Even though I check for the HITs as soon as I receive the mail. Please help me out.

Sadly, alerts are only sent out every 5 minutes. That means some HITs which are quick to be taken won’t still be there after the alert is gone. If you want more rapid alerts, you should join the chatroom on Turker Nation. There, alerts appear within 60 seconds of a HIT being posted.